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whirlpool oven smells like gas

Solved: Whirlpool Oven Smells Like Gas, Burning Plastic and More

Before blaming bad oven odor on a recipe gone wrong, there are specific smells that have nothing to do with food. Wondering why your Whirlpool oven smells like gas? While a new oven can emit this smell during its first use, a range burner that’s left on can also smell of gas. Determine why your Whirlpool oven smells with these common causes and troubleshooting tips.

Here’s Why Your Whirlpool Oven Smells Bad

Odors of gas, burning plastic, and worse can be unpleasant mysteries, but these bad oven smells usually have specific causes. We’ll pinpoint the problem and the right odor-eliminating solution when your Whirlpool oven smells bad.

Is It Bad if My Oven Smells Like Gas?

Is it bad if your oven smells like gas when it’s on? If your oven is new, a brief odor of gas may be noticeable during its first use. This is typically due to a small amount of gas that’s released before it’s ignited and the smell should quickly fade. If your oven isn’t new and you smell gas, make sure a range burner wasn’t accidentally left on.

What do I do if my oven smells like gas when it’s off? If neither the range nor the oven is on, this smell could be indicative of a gas leak. It’s recommended that you leave your home immediately, without touching the oven or range. A gas leak should only be investigated by a professional service, gas company, or fire department.

Why Does My Oven Smell Like Burning Plastic?

The smell of burning plastic can have different origins, depending on whether or not your oven is being used for the first time.

Here’s how to assess the problem when your Whirlpool oven smells like burning plastic:

  • New ovens: Make sure packing components like zip ties and plastic wrapping have been removed. Sometimes, the protective coating on oven walls can smell like burning plastic when exposed to high temperatures for the first time. While the smell should dissipate, it’s recommended that you wipe down the oven walls with a damp cloth before its first use.
  • Used ovens: If you accidentally put plastic in the oven it can leave behind melted remnants that continue to smell during subsequent use. When the oven is cool, use a knife to scrape away lingering plastic pieces. They can also be scooped away with a spoon while in a liquid form when the oven is on. If there is no plastic in the oven, check for burnt wiring once the oven is off and cool. A repair service professional should repair any wiring damage.

Why Your Oven Smells Like Chemicals or Sulfur

If you’re asking why does my oven smell like sulfur, chemicals, or rotten eggs, there are likely bigger problems at hand. An oven that smells like this is likely a nesting place for mice, indicating that other areas are infested as well. Mice often seek out warm, secluded spots for nesting, making the oven, closets, attic, and basement prime nesting places. 

In addition to these odors, signs of mice infestation include:

  • Clusters of droppings
  • Footprints
  • Scratching noises

To disinfect and deodorize an oven that smells bad, the interior must be wiped down with a commercial cleaning product for this type of mess. Following up with an oven’s self-cleaning cycle can also help remove odor. However, if you suspect that rodent infestation has affected the oven’s insulation, the self-cleaning function can make the odor worse. Consult a professional service to access the insulation and determine if it can be replaced.

Oven Stinks After Cleaning

While the self-cleaning cycle has its benefits, it also has several potential downsides. Often, an oven won’t heat up properly after the self-cleaning function’s high heat causes a malfunction. These high temperatures can also result in lingering odors from burnt food particles. To avoid bad smells, we recommend skipping the self-cleaning cycle to clean the oven by hand.

whirlpool oven smells

Here’s how to clean an oven safely with ammonia:

  • Remove the oven racks and wipe away large food particles and debris.
  • Place a small bowl of ammonia on the oven’s top rack and a pot of just-boiled water on the lower rack.
  • Close the door and allow both to sit overnight.
  • Remove the ammonia and water and leave the oven door open so it airs out.
  • Scrub the interior with hot water and a clean cloth. Use a toothbrush for hard-to-reach areas and a steel wool pad for difficult stains.
  • Scrub the oven racks with hot, soapy water before drying and replacing.

If your Whirlpool oven smells after trying these troubleshooting tips, it should be assessed by a professional oven repair service.  Contact Callahan’s Appliance for all your cooking appliance repair needs!

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