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lg dryer takes too long to dry

LG Dryer Not Drying Well? Try Following These Steps…

Today’s home laundry appliances from top brands like LG are more reliable than ever. Over time though, you may notice your LG dryer not drying as well as it used to. What’s causing the problem, and is there something wrong with the unit itself? The answer to why your dryer takes too long to dry or isn’t drying at all may surprise you. In fact, it could even save your home from a potential dryer fire.

Why Is My LG Dryer Not Drying?

Whether your dryer takes forever to dry or doesn’t get hot at all, there’s a good chance that you can take care of the problem yourself. It’s always possible that something is broken, but restricted airflow due to clogged vents is the most likely cause. The good news is, our LG dryer troubleshooting guide has you covered.

Dangers of Clogged Dryer Vents

No matter what brand you own, your dryer creates excess lint that becomes trapped within the unit and exhaust vents. A clogged dryer duct or excess buildup on the lint trap restricts the free flow of air throughout the dryer.

As more debris becomes trapped in the vents, the restriction causes internal temperatures to rise. Once it gets hot enough, the lint trapped inside can ignite leading to a deadly house fire. That’s why regular dryer vent cleaning and maintenance are so important. Follow these steps at least 1 – 2 times per year:

Step #1 – Clean the Lint Screen

The first thing to check for an LG dryer not drying properly is the lint screen. Your dryer was designed to have the lint filter cleaned after every cycle. That mean’s each extra load you do without cleaning the filter will take longer to dry and allow more lint to enter the exhaust system.

After each cycle, slide out the lin screen to remove it. Wipe away all lint and debris you find in the filter, then reinstall it. This should help maintain proper airflow and help to trap as much loose lint as possible.

lg dryer not drying
Image from LG

Step #2 – Check the Exterior Vent Hood

Now you’ll need to locate the vent outside your home that goes to your dryer. Start a normal cycle on your dryer and go check the vent outside. Use your hand to feel for airflow, and remove any lint you find trapped inside that may be causing a blockage.

If you feel no air coming from the vent, chances are that you have a more serious obstruction on your hands within the exhaust vents. Try cleaning out your vents by purchasing an affordable vent cleaning kit online, although professional cleaning service is most effective for serious clogs.

dryer vent on your home must be cleaned because it is a fire hazard

Step #3 – Clean Out the Rear Dryer Vent

The final step if your LG dryer takes too long to dry is to clear any remaining lint buildup from the rear dryer vent. Disconnect the power cord from the wall. Then pull the unit away from the wall, and remove the dryer vent hose by loosening the clamp.

Inspect the rear vent for any buildup of lint or other debris. Occasionally, you may even find one of your mysterious lost socks! Once all blockages have been cleared, reattach the exhaust vent, plug the unit back in, and test your dryer on a freshly-washed load of laundry.

dryer taking too long to dry
Image from LG

What to Do If the Problem Persists

Some homes have longer dryer vent systems that contain bends and turns. These can be much harder to completely clear out yourself, which may be why you still have an LG dryer not drying well. We recommend hiring a professional dryer vent cleaning service if this is the case.

It’s also possible that one or more components in your dryer have failed. You may have a faulty heating element or gas igniter, which is why you should call the dryer repair service experts at Callahan’s Appliance. We have the skill and experience needed to fix any and all LG dryer problems quickly and affordably.