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lg dishwasher won't start

LG Dishwasher Not Starting? Follow These DIY Repair Tips

A dishwasher can save you hours at the kitchen sink, but only if it starts like it should. Why won’t my LG dishwasher turn on? Choosing the wrong setting can delay or prevent an immediate start to the wash cycle. Learn how the following DIY repairs can fix an LG dishwasher not starting, often with a simple adjustment.

Troubleshooting an LG Dishwasher Not Starting

Power issues, the wrong cycle setting or a door that won’t close can all prevent a dishwasher from starting. These LG dishwasher troubleshooting tips can quickly specify the source of the problem.

1. Dishwasher Not Getting Power

A lack of power is a likely reason for your LG dishwasher not starting. Without reliable access to the right amount of power, a dishwasher can’t start.

The following power issues can prevent the dishwasher from turning on:

  • Dishwasher isn’t plugged in properly: Make sure the cord is correctly plugged into a functioning outlet. Never use an extension cord to power your dishwasher; it can’t safely transmit the voltage required, leading to surges that terminate power.
  • Power switch is off: A dishwasher is connected to a kitchen switch, often under the kitchen sink, that must be on for it to receive power. Check the switch to make sure it’s in the on position.
  • Tripped circuit breaker: Check your circuit breaker box and reset any tripped breakers that could cut off the dishwasher’s power.

lg dishwasher not working

2. Dishwasher Settings Issue

Just as the right dishwasher loading tips can result in cleaner dishes, the correct dishwasher setting is essential for an immediate start.

These setting issues can result in an LG dishwasher not starting:

  • Setting isn’t selected: An LG dishwasher won’t start if a setting isn’t selected. For an immediate start, make sure you select your cycle setting before closing the door.
  • Wrong setting enabled: Certain settings can prevent an immediate start to the wash cycle. The Delay Start function delays the start of the cycle to a preselected later time. If Control Lock is enabled, all control panel functions will be locked, preventing cycle selection. Make sure the Delay Start feature is off. Turn off the Control Lock by pressing and holding the Dual Control button for 3 seconds.
  • Control panel is damaged or showing an error code: If the control panel isn’t illuminating or responding to touch-button commands, it may be damaged and requires replacement. If it’s showing an error code, another malfunction may be preventing the dishwasher from starting. Consult your user manual to decipher the meaning of the code.

lg dishwasher not starting

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3. Dishwasher Door Not Latched Shut

If you find your LG dishwasher not starting after the door closes, the door latch may not be engaged. To prevent leaks, the latch secures the door and signals the door switch to start a wash cycle when engaged. Always close the dishwasher door with a firm push to make sure it engages the latch.

If the door is sufficiently closed but a wash cycle still doesn’t start, the latch may have malfunctioned. If it shows visible damage or a lack of continuity with multimeter testing, the latch requires replacement.

4. Dishwasher Water Supply Issue

Is your LG dishwasher not starting even if it has power and the cycle and door are set and latched? A lack of water could be preventing it from filling. Make sure the water line is properly connected to your home supply and that its valve is turned on. When checking the line, look for kinks that can restrict water flow, gently straightening them so water can flow to the dishwasher.

If the water line is functioning properly but the dishwasher’s water flow is limited, the water inlet valve may have malfunctioned. This valve opens and closes to allow water to flow through the line from your home supply. If the valve appears damaged or fails multimeter testing with a lack of continuity, it must be replaced.

5. Defective LG Dishwasher Parts

If you still find your LG dishwasher not working after trying the above tips, a defective part could be responsible.

The following part failures can prevent a dishwasher from starting and require a professional dishwasher repair service:

  • Thermal fuse: The fuse blows if it’s defective or the dishwasher is in danger of overheating. The dishwasher won’t resume function until the fuse is replaced.
  • Door switch: When the door latch engages, it signals the door switch to start a wash cycle. If the switch is defective, a cycle won’t start even if the door is closed.
  • Main control board: This computerized board sends voltage to the appropriate function at the control panel’s signal. If it malfunctions, none of the dishwasher’s functions will receive the power they need to start.

In need of dishwasher maintenance tips or struggling to get your dishwasher started? The experts at Callahan’s Appliance can answer any question or provide the right repair!

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