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why is my refrigerator running so loud

How to Troubleshoot a GE Refrigerator Making Noise

A GE refrigerator making noise can stand out among a kitchen of quiet appliances. Wondering why is my refrigerator running so loud? The evaporator or condenser fan blades may be obstructed, or their motors may have failed. Try these troubleshooting tips to diagnose a loud GE refrigerator and silence the sound.

GE Refrigerator Making Noise? This Could Be Why…

A noisy refrigerator can be quieted with a simple adjustment or the right part replacement in most cases. We’ll pinpoint some common part failures that are often responsible for a GE refrigerator making noise. But, first, here’s how to distinguish normal refrigerator sounds from those that need attention.

Normal GE Refrigerator Noises

As quiet as modern refrigerators can be, none are completely silent. Most GE refrigerators make various sounds as part of their normal operation.

These are normal GE refrigerator noises:

  • Buzzing: GE refrigerator compressor noise can sound like a low buzzing. The water dispenser may also make a buzzing noise that lasts several seconds after the water is dispensed.
  • Gurgling: Refrigerant can make a gurgling noise as it circulates through the compressor and evaporator coils.
  • Humming or clicking: Occurs as the icemaker fills with water. A continual or loud humming could be indicative of an ice maker not working properly.
  • Hissing or sizzling: Produced when water drips on the defrost system’s heater.

Though these sounds indicate normal operation, they can also signal a problem if they increase in volume or frequency. When that happens, a GE refrigerator making noise may be experiencing the following part failures.

Drain Pan Rattling

If your GE refrigerator is making a loud noise from the bottom, the drain pan may be loose. This pan is secured underneath the refrigerator, collecting any residual water from the defrost system so it can evaporate.

If the hardware that secures the pan loosens, it can make a rattling sound as the refrigerator runs. Tightening the hardware should solve the problem. Refer to your user manual to determine how to access and secure the pan on your model refrigerator.

ge refrigerator making noise
Image from Point & Click Appliance Repair


Noisy Fan Motor

A refrigerator’s condenser and evaporator fans help cool the refrigerant as it moves through the refrigerator. If the fans malfunction, you may notice your refrigerator not cooling as it should. How do you know which fan is responsible for all the noise? Condenser fan sounds generally come from underneath or behind the refrigerator and can sound like a loud screeching. Loud evaporator fan sounds usually get louder when the refrigerator door opens. 

Before testing their motors, check both fans for obstructions that may be blocking their blades from spinning. While an obstruction can be removed to restore the fan’s function, it must be replaced if the blade is damaged. If there are no obstructions, the fan motors should be tested for continuity with a multimeter. A lack of continuity indicates the motor has failed and requires replacement.

Defective Water Inlet Valve

Is your GE refrigerator running loud when the ice maker fills? The water inlet valve may be defective. This valve opens and closes to deliver water from your home’s water supply to the ice maker and water dispenser. Over time, the valve can become restricted with minerals and sediment, restricting water to the refrigerator. It can also make a loud knocking sound if it electronically fails.

A defective water inlet valve can’t be repaired and should be replaced by a professional refrigerator repair service.

If these interventions still leave you with a GE refrigerator making noise, the compressor may be failing. This vital refrigerator component compresses and circulates refrigerant and requires an immediate assessment to prevent a breakdown. Call Callahan’s Appliance for fast and professional service when you need it most!

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