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ge dryer runs loud

Tips for How to Fix a GE Dryer Making Noise

The sounds of our appliances are often so familiar that they fade to the background. So much so that the tumbling of our dryer can even be considered soothing. So when you find your GE dryer making noise like squeaks and thumps, it can sound like a freight train running through the house. We’ll show you why you have a dryer making loud noise to clarify what’s normal and abnormal and pinpoint the source of the sound.

Why Is My GE Dryer Making Noise?

Though it can be alarming when your GE dryer runs loud, not every squeak and thump signifies a repair. We’ll offer some simple troubleshooting answers when asking, “Why is my dryer so loud?” as well as malfunctions that could be responsible. But first, we’ll clarify what’s normal and not so normal when your dryer makes noise when tumbling.

Normal GE Dryer Sounds

As quiet as modern dryers have become, there is always some level of noise when they function. These sounds are all considered part of normal operation:

  • The hum of the drum turning
  • An initial squeak when the dryer turns on (this sound should only last a few seconds)
  • Light thumping of clothes as they tumble
  • Low-level humming from the dryer’s motor

Abnormal Dryer Noises

As much as we want to avoid dryer malfunctions, a GE dryer making noise that’s different than usual should be addressed. Here are some sounds that can signal your attention:

  • Squeaking that continues beyond the first few seconds of a drying cycle
  • Constant, intermittent squeaking that sounds like chirping
  • Heavy thumping
  • Loud humming

ge dryer making noise

Troubleshooting a Noisy GE Dryer

A GE dryer making noise doesn’t always necessitate a complex repair. These simple fixes and adjustments can be your first plan of attack to silence the sound:

  • Check for loose objects like coins or buttons in the dryer drum
  • Make sure these objects aren’t caught in the dryer drum seam
  • If you feel your dryer takes too long to dry, make sure these objects haven’t clogged the dryer vent
  • Check all exterior screws and tighten any that are loose
  • Make sure the dryer is level, adjusting its legs if necessary
  • Confirm that nothing is leaning against the dryer and that it’s not touching your washing machine

Worn Out Drive Belt or Pulley

If these adjustments don’t eliminate the noise and your GE dryer squeaking continues, the drive belt or idler pulley may be to blame. These are the most common causes when you have a GE dryer squeaking. The drive belt is suspended between two pulleys and supports the weight of the drum as it turns it. Over time the idler pulley can wear out while the belt itself can tear or fray.

To diagnose a worn drive belt or idler pulley, listen carefully to the dryer squeaking when drum spins. If the squeaking is coming from the top of the dryer it’s likely the belt. If it’s coming from the bottom of the dryer it’s more likely to be the idler pulley. To stop the squeaking both components require replacement.

ge dryer squeaking
Image from Sears Parts Direct

Defective Dryer Drum Roller

Your GE dryer has at least two dryer drum rollers to support the drum as it rotates. With time, these rollers can wear out and a loud thumping sound typically results. When this occurs the roller needs to be replaced. Even if just one of the rollers is worn we suggest replacing all of them at the same time.

If our troubleshooting tips still leave you with a GE dryer making noise, Callahan’s Appliance can help. As the expert dryer repair service in Frisco, TX, we can silence any sound!