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side dishes for a cookout

5 Easy Barbecue Side Dishes for the Ultimate Cookout

Whether you’re grilling a classic burger, tangy pork ribs, or delicate seafood, the right side dish can enhance any entree. To kick your next cookout up a notch, the experts at your favorite local appliance service company created a list of easy barbecue side dishes. From buffalo mac n’ cheese to watermelon feta salad, these simple sides can be show-stoppers.

Want Your Cookout to Stand Out? Try These Easy Barbecue Side Dishes

Just because these sides come together in minutes doesn’t mean they’re short on flavor. Our easy barbecue side dishes use fresh ingredients and new twists on summer classics, making any cookout outstanding.

Jalapeño Ranch Coleslaw

When deciding what to serve at a barbecue, coleslaw is almost always on the menu. But this recipe takes a ubiquitous salad and gives it fresh, spicy flavor with ranch dressing and jalapeño peppers. After whisking mayo, sour cream, and lime juice together, combine with shredded cabbage and red onion, adding chopped jalapeños and cilantro. If not serving immediately, store in the refrigerator in accordance with our food safety tips. Whenever it’s enjoyed, this Coleslaw 2.0 is sure to steal the show. 

easy barbecue side dishes
Get the full recipe here. Source: Country Living

Apricot-Prosciutto Focaccia

Easy barbecue side dishes should be simple to prepare and easy to eat, making this apricot-prosciutto focaccia the perfect cookout finger food. Plus, just one dough easily serves 8-10 people, making it one of those ideal BBQ side dishes for a crowd. After assembling the dough and rolling it out, bake with diced apricots and goat cheese for 30 minutes. Top the warm focaccia with prosciutto and arugula and you’ve got an irresistibly sweet and savory side.

easy barbecue side dish recipes
Get the full recipe here. Source: Country Living

Vegetable Kebabs With Lemon-Scallion Vinaigrette

Simple side dishes for a cookout don’t get any easier than grilling them alongside your main course. In this recipe, even the lemons for the vinaigrette are grilled to enhance their flavor. Skewer zucchini, summer squash, and peppers together, placing fast-cooking tomatoes on separate skewers. While the kebabs are grilling, whisk the vinaigrette together with the grilled lemon juice, honey, and olive oil. Drizzle half over the warm veggies, leaving the rest for your guests’ dipping pleasure.

bbq side dishes for a crowd
Get the full recipe here. Source: Country Living

Buffalo Mac n’ Cheese

Mac n’ cheese is one of those classic BBQ sides that just feels right. In this updated version, the pasta’s rich cheese sauce is amplified with blue cheese, Greek yogurt, and hot pepper sauce. Meanwhile, shredded carrots are added to the pasta just before draining as a traditional buffalo accompaniment. Stir shredded cheddar into the hot pepper sauce, pour over the cooked pasta, and enjoy some comfort food with a kick.

classic bbq sides
Get the full recipe here. Source: Good Housekeeping

Watermelon Feta Salad

When you need easy barbecue side dish recipes, make the seasonal flavors of summer do the work for you. This recipe uses chunks of sweet watermelon paired with salty feta for a salad that’s refreshing and satisfying. Cucumber, red onion, and mint provide additional freshness while a simple vinaigrette of olive oil and red wine vinegar lets each ingredient shine.

what to serve at a bbq
Get the full recipe here. Source: Delish

We hope these easy barbecue side dishes make the most of your summer cookouts. From all of us at Callahan’s Appliance, we wish you safe and happy grilling!

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