Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I get a set specific appointment?

+ What about night or weekend service?

+ Does it pay to fix the old machine, or should we just purchase a new one?

+ Can you provide us with an estimate (ball park figure) for the repair over the phone?

+ Why won’t repair companies work on our appliance if we started taking it apart ourselves?

+ What if the appliance breaks down or doesn’t work properly after you repair it?

+ Why does it cost so much to fix my appliance?

+ Your technician was only here a short period of time, or he only used a small part. Why was I charged so much?

+ What if I leave a check for the technician and my minor children are home to let them in?

+ What if you repair the apparent problem and then find additional problems that were not apparent?

+ Why doesn’t anybody want to repair our appliance because we bought the parts ourselves?